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Managers are more important than ever

Managers are front and centre when it comes to employee engagement, retention, team and company performance, as well as defining and maintaining culture. While managers are getting pressure from multiple fronts, support for them to do their jobs well is seriously lacking From tools to insights to learning, managers are in need of solutions that remove work and cognitive load, not add to it.

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Managers’ jobs are now 10x harder

Between remote and hybrid working, managing multigenerational teams, keeping them engaged and on-track, and juggling company pressures, managers are struggling more than ever.

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Technology & tools aren’t keeping pace

A plethora of disconnected HR & process management tools isn’t making life easier for managers who, deserve integrated solutions that address their unique needs to reduce work & cognitive load.

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Manager support is non-existent

Asked to do more with less in a new world of remote and virtual working, managers are overloaded and close to burn-out with no lifeline in sight.

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Every employee deserves an excellent manager.
Piper is redefining management, uniquely combining technology and behavioural science to empower every manager to be outstanding.

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