Measure leadership skills in real-time

Piper's AI coach looks at your interactions with your team, identifies good leadership behaviours, raises awareness of gaps and provides learning opportunities to develop your leadership skills

People love what we are doing!

Series B Deep Tech company
Head of Learning & Development

"You are nailing something that I haven’t seen done before. You’ve got a fantastic product. I’m excited."

Jen Cronin
Head of Talent Development

"Piper could very easily fast track leadership transformations within an organisation that otherwise could be a three to five year journey that you're trying to build a skill set within your leadership team."

Series B SaaS company
Head of People

“I’d love to build out training and coaching programs, but don’t have the time or the resources. Piper’s technology coaches our managers with continuous feedback from every 1:1.”

Improve leadership and management skills to build high-performing teams


AI assisted tools to conduct productive and collaborative 1:1s. Reduce the meeting prep overhead and focus on the conversation.


Performance insights derived from interactions with your team. Know your strengths and areas for development


Personalised learning and development content based on your performance to continuously improve your management skills.

Helping emerging leaders build their confidence


Use technology to create feedback loops
from every 1:1 meeting

Focus on the conversation

Let Piper do the admin for you. Templates, notes and takeaways captured automatically so you can focus on building rapport with your team and being the manager they deserve.
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Be the leader your team raves about

Piper is your leadership co-pilot. Gain insights into your performance as a manager and leader. Know where to spend your time and energy. Develop your skills and confidence with every 1:1.
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Learning paths built for you

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Personalised learning modules designed for individual needs, not your whole organisations’. Learn what’s meant for you.

Leadership is a learned skill. Less than 10% of people are natural born leaders

Piper is for the other 90%

Leadership development for emerging leaders

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