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how piper works

Piper makes good managers great

Piper gives managers integrated tools, data and contextual learning resources that help lessen the work and cognitive load. From running a superb 1:1 to examining the wellness of your team, Piper accompanies and supports managers in the day-to-day, empowering them to understand their own performance and become the best manager they can be.

01 | dialogue

Effective two-way communication

You strive to be a trustworthy and effective manager, starting with clear communication. Piper helps build meaningful relationships and improve individual engagement to supercharge team performance.

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02 | empathy

Empathetic management

Managers who practise empathetic leadership are viewed as better performers. Piper guides you to seamlessly fold empathy into everyday work life, honing your skills and improving employee engagement.

03 | insights

Data-driven analytics

Piper provides analytics and insights about your performance as a manager over time. Gain a deeper, data-driven understanding of your management style, behaviour and patterns.

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04 | learning

Learning in the flow of work

Expand your manager toolkit with learning integrated into your everyday work. Our content isn’t theoretical, it is tangible and actionable, designed to develop better managers.

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