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Piper combines state of the art technology with expert led coaching to create the next generation of managers.

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Management Intelligence

Our platform analyses data in real time, delivering continuous, actionable insights exactly when needed, reinforcing good behaviour, raising awareness of skills gaps and providing the exact resources managers need in the flow of work.

Gain access to all of this information whilst taking control of your 1:1s with video conferencing, note taking and agenda setting capabilities.

The Academy

Cohort-based and coach-led, the Academy is specifically designed to empower early-stage managers to be the best leaders for their teams.

The curriculum combines multimedia learning sessions with expert-led coaching and masterclasses to support managers at all stages of their development.

Learn from the very best

Industry leading experts mentor managers throughout the Academy and empower them to elevate their management style.

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Let data lead the way

Piper removes personal bias and provides managers with real time analysis of their growth and development areas.

Accelerate your Growth

Managers are encouraged to practise their Academy learnings on the platform and vice versa; creating the perfect storm for development.

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