Why Piper?

Studies have found that up to 85% of participants never apply what they learn in training programs back on the job.

The problem

Leadership development, unlike other functional skills development, mostly pertains to soft skills and the individuals desire and ability to continually work on them until the skills become second nature. Leadership development as it exists today, focuses mostly on the transfer of knowledge and not on the application. Without the follow through and accountability, most participants revert to old behaviours. This leads to wasted resources both in terms of time and money, while prolonging the pain of individuals getting comfortable in their management and leadership roles.

The solution

At Piper, we believe that leadership development is a process and not a time bound transfer of knowledge. Piper’s leadership co-pilot, helps to ensure that leadership skills are applied in interactions with employees and provides ongoing metrics and support to aid development. We are moving leadership development from the realm of role-playing to the real world with near real-time feedback.

We are Piper

Helping individuals become leaders one conversation at a time.

Led from the front


Sathya Smith is a 18+ yr veteran in engineering and product development. She was an early engineer at Google, having worked on some of the most exciting products like Google Maps and YouTube in its early days. She was also CTO at onefinestay and a venture partner at LocalGlobe. While at Google, she was ranked in the 99th percentile of their managers. Ever since her participation in Google’s pioneering Project Oxygen study, she has been interested in leadership development and curious about using technology to change the nature of leadership development. This eventually led her to found Piper.

Piper team

We are an ambitious and fun loving team working remotely across 5 countries. Our team comprises a wealth of knowledge and experience ranging engineering expertise like PhDs in Machine learning from Cambridge and founding and scaling tech startups to commercial expertise from being the first sales hire to seeing explosive growth as head of sales in companies like Hired, Hopin and Ravio.

We are  backed by some of the best investors in the world, including Stride VC, LocalGlobe, Pareto, GFC, and angels with operational experience from companies like Google, Citymapper, Coachhub and Funding Circle.

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