Our features

Focus on the conversation

Let Piper do that admin for you. Templates, notes and takeaways captured automatically so you can focus on building rapport with your team and being the manager they deserve.

Have the right conversations

Stop winging it! Our expert-crafted 1:1 templates are your secret weapon for structured meetings, building and fostering strong working relationships.

Don't sweat the details

Struggling to recall past conversations? Piper's AI tools automatically capture and summarise notes, discussions, and tasks. Make management easy.

Collaborate with ease

Foster trust by understanding your direct reports' priorities and preferred discussion topics. Enter your 1:1s fully prepared for meaningful conversations.

Stay focused

Stay fully engaged in conversations with your direct reports, free from distractions and interruptions, for more effective communication.

Be the leader your team raves about

Piper is your management co-pilot. Gain insights into how you are performing as a manager and leader. Know where to spend your time and energy. Develop your skills and confidence with every 1:1

Build psychological safety

Use insights drawn from your 1:1s to create the space for your team to build trust with confidence and know when it’s working.

Feedback that matters

Build a feedback driven culture. Know when you are giving feedback and how it’s being received. Improve your feedback and help your team grow.

Coach not manage

Develop your coaching skills with the help of Piper. Learn how to coach your direct reports one question at a time.

Master your
communication skills

Received feedback to help you become an empathetic communicator. Master communicating effectively with your team

Learning paths built for you

Personalised learning modules designed for you based on your needs, not your whole organisations’. Learn what’s meant for you.

Learn in the flow of work

Get the answer you need when you need it. No more stepping away for hours and days to attend leadership training.

Close the learning loop

Apply your learnings, get feedback, and develop the right behaviours to be the best leader for your team.

Skills for leading diverse and dynamic teams

Access teachings based on the most relevant academic research and built by organisational development experts.

It takes a village

Access our expert network for peer-to-peer support and learning. There is always someone to answer your questions.

Why use Piper in your organisation

  • Deliver leadership training in the flow of work
  • Reduce scrap learning and increase knowledge retention and application
  • Consistent management and leadership across your entire organisation
  • Establish psychologically safe environments

Become a next-level manager

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