Piper AI and Google Meet: A match made in leadership coaching heaven!
May 15, 2024

Piper AI and Google Meet: A match made in leadership coaching heaven!

The wait is over! Piper AI copilot can now be seamlessly integrated to your Google Meet calls! 🚀Access valuable coaching without the inconvenience, bias, or high cost of traditional coaching methods. With features like meeting templates, summaries, and checklists, Piper empowers managers to continually improve and lead their teams to greatness. 💪

“I am so excited about this mashup!! This is exactly what I’ve been wanting 😍” - One of our Piper AI users who has been eagerly waiting on an integration with Google Meet. 

🫡 Your wish is our command.

We’ve heard from a lot of you that you need your Piper AI leadership copilot on Google Meet because that’s where 99% of your team meetings are taking place. And today, we’re giddy with excitement to let you know that this feature is now live! 

For managers, the Piper AI leadership copilot is like a coach in your pocket. It observes and analyses your interactions with your team and identifies where you’re excelling, raises awareness of gaps and then provides opportunities to learn and develop new management skills. 

And for all those managers using Google Meet, all you have to do is invite your Piper AI copilot to your calls and presto! You get the same valuable analytics and features as you always have in the Piper app. But now, we’re coming to where you naturally talk to your team. 

How it works: 

Simply connect your Google Calendar to Piper and schedule your Google Meet calls as usual. On the Piper dashboard, toggle on the meetings you want your Piper AI leadership coach to join. Start your scheduled call as you normally would, click ‘Accept Piper Bot to the meeting’ and you’re on your way! 

How our leadership copilot works 🤖

Ever wish you had an expert in the room, helping you to understand more about your own leadership style? Someone to gently explain - with real data and not a generic framework - how to capitalise on what you do well as a leader and identify what to improve to make you a truly great leader. We get it. If only we could all afford a leadership coach to shadow us at every meeting with team members! 

No need. We got this covered.

Piper is your personal leadership coach, there for you whenever you need. Get real-time insights right after each meeting on the four primary leadership skills categories: 1. Communication, 2. Psychological safety, 3. Feedback, 4. Coaching. Piper analyses your conversation and performance as a manager to give you specific and real insights based on your actual engagement. 

Why a leadership copilot for a coach? 🤔

Let’s take the inconvenience, bias and sky-high cost out of traditional leadership coaching and replace it with real life (and real-time) data and analytics, consistency and ultra high-touch engagement. We built loads of features into the Piper platform just for you, the manager. Features like meeting templates, meeting summaries, checklists and note taking, and much more. But the most powerful part of using Piper’s leadership coaching copilot is visual, measurable, consistent analytics and insights into your performance as a leader. 

For most managers, conversations around performance happen once a year during performance reviews. Perhaps your company does a 360-degree feedback process or your team members get to score your performance on a scorecard. For those managers committed to improving their people managing skills in order to accelerate their careers, lead their teams to greatness, or simply to NOT become a toxic manager due to an accumulation of bad management habits, once-in-a-while performance feedback just doesn’t cut it! 

Imagine getting unbiased, unemotional, insightful feedback after every 👏 single 👏 team meeting 👏

We win when you win 🏆

Grab 14 days of Piper for free. Sign up today and meet your very own personal leadership coach. 😎