Piper AI and Zoom: What we’ve all been waiting for!
July 5, 2024

Piper AI and Zoom: What we’ve all been waiting for!

Great news for all Zoom users! Piper AI copilot is now in your Zoom calls as well as Google Meet!

🚀Access valuable coaching without the inconvenience, bias, or high cost of traditional coaching methods. With features like leadership skill reports, summaries, and checklists, Piper empowers managers to lead their teams to greatness. 💪

“Finally this integration happened. Our team uses Zoom so I have been waiting for this integration!

- Piper Early User

🫡 Even more people can now access Piper!

With over 2 million users on Zoom, we're thrilled to announce that Piper now integrates seamlessly with Zoom calls! 🥳 

Unlock your full potential as a manager with Piper—the personal leadership coach powered by AI. Try AI-coaching during your next Zoom call to get instant feedback on your management style, personalised tips, and the support you need to become the leader everyone raves about. Piper takes care of the admin stuff so you can focus on what really matters. It’s a secret weapon for your career growth. Become a confident leader and watch your career take off! 

 💡How it works: 

  1. Simply sign up to Piper with your Gmail account 
  2. Connect the calendar you use for scheduling Zoom calls and schedule your virtual meetings as usual. 
  3. On your Piper dashboard, toggle on the meetings you want your Piper AI leadership coach to join. 
  4. Start your scheduled call as you normally would, click ‘Accept Piper Bot to the meeting’.

🤖Become a Truly Top Leader 

Piper is built on Google’s Project Oxygen principles developed by an ex-Googler. Piper combines AI technology with behavioural science to empower you with personalised coaching right at your fingertips. Whether you're navigating how to best deliver feedback, honing your communication skills, or enhancing your coaching skills, Piper is designed to help you excel as a leader and make your growth journey both effective and insightful. Piper analyses your conversation and performance as a manager to give you specific and real insights based on your actual engagement.  Imagine getting unbiased, unemotional, insightful feedback after every 👏 single 👏 team meeting 👏 

Let AI-assistant take care of your admin

Tired of juggling endless notes and trying to recall every detail from your meetings? With Piper's AI-powered capabilities, say goodbye to admin headaches and hello to efficiency. Automatically generate action items and meeting summaries that keep you on track and your team aligned. Streamline follow-ups effortlessly and reclaim valuable time to focus on what truly matters—leading your team to success. Let Piper handle the admin so you can stay in the zone and maximise your productivity effortlessly.

Practise your leadership skills during Zoom calls

In leadership, 70% of skills are sharpened through real-world challenges. Piper’s leadership coaching copilot provides immediate, tailored insights into your performance, offering visual and measurable feedback after each interaction. Unlike yearly or quarterly reviews, Piper ensures continuous guidance, helping you advance your career, inspire your team, and refine your leadership approach in real-time. Embrace a proactive path to growth with Piper, where learning happens seamlessly in the flow of your daily leadership journey.

We win when you win 🏆

Grab 14 days of Piper for free. Sign up today and meet your very own personal leadership coach. 😎